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New Puppy Essentials checklist

New Puppy Essentials checklist

Preparing to add a new puppy to your family is an exciting event, which will likely bring lots of joy and laughter, but it also requires careful planning to accommodate your new four-legged family member’s needs. Below we have gathered a checklist for you, on how you could prepare for your new puppy.

1 Create a Puppy-Friendly Space in your home: A puppy like to put everything in its mouth, so make sure your home is free of small objects to avoid your puppy from choking. Ensure electrical cords are out of reach. Place soft dog beds for your puppy around your home, preferably one in each room, so your puppy always has a place to rest near you. Brands like tadazhi offer dog beds that blend effortlessly into your home.

2 Purchase Necessary Puppy Essentials:

- Food and water bowls. It is a must you can clean them in the dishwasher and that they do not scratch the floor and collect too much limescale. All our food and water bowls meet these criteria. See food and water bowls here.

- Puppy food. If in doubt consult with your veterinarian to ensure proper food in the right sizes.

- Collar and leash. Remember to attach an ID tag to your puppy’s collar.

- Poop bags. Consider carrying the poop bags in a waste bag holder to control them.

- A dog bed. A must have. Make sure your puppy’s dog beds blend effortlessly into your home to preserve the aesthetics of your home. See our selection of dog beds and dog cushions here.

- A RIO dog carrier bag. Good to have if your puppy needs assistance up and down the stairs, or a save and soft place to rest when meeting up with friends and family. We recommend the soft RIO dog bag, it is light weight, easy to carry and machine washable.

3 Scheduling Vet Visits: Schedule the first veterinary appointment for its vaccinations, deworming, and a wellness check. Discuss with your vet about the recommended feeding schedule, portion size, and types of nutrition.

4 Plan for Training and Socialization: Arrange for puppy training. Your new four-legged family members will need obedience classes and you also need to develop a potty-training routine together. You can either train your puppy yourselves or join classes. Notwithstanding what you may choose, just remember that socializing your puppy with people and other animals is crucial to their development.

5 Adjusting Family Schedules: In the first few weeks, someone needs to be home most of the time to train, feed, and care for the puppy. Consider all family members' work and school schedules. In case you work long hours, think about hiring a dog walker or pet sitter. Discuss responsibilities with all family members and make sure everyone in the family understands their responsibilities regarding caring for the new puppy.

Naturally it will take time for your puppy to adjust to your routines and obtain the necessary housetraining skills, so prepare yourself for some potentially sleepless nights, a few accidents indoors, and a period of adjustment as everyone gets accustomed to each other. A puppy is a long-term commitment and with love, patience, and proper preparation, the transition can be less bumpy and rewarding, leading to many years of love, laughter, and companionship. Enjoy this exciting time.
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