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dog on duvet in couch

Living with dogs

My partner and I got our dog back in 2013. It was the first dog I ever had. I remember when we got permission from the breeder to come and take her to our home, as if yesterday. She was just 10 weeks. Little did I know that a dog could awake such caring feelings in me and become a true member of the family. She was and is impossible not to love.

Today our dog, Tobine, a Danish Swedish farmdog, is almost 9 years old. From early days she would go with my partner to work, where she would find a nice stomach to rest on, only interrupted by meetings and the lunch break. When returning home after a workday, she would go straight to the couch in the living room, lying there with closed eyes for a while.

I really did want her to stay in her preferred place but at the same time, I was sensitive to not wanting too many dog hairs on the couch, since we have friends who are allergic to dogs. Admittedly, I was not willing to vacuum the couch as often as needed given she continued to rest on the couch every day while at home. Of course, I had thought about placing a blanket on the couch, but my eyes craved something different.

I chose to create a duvet with simple clean lines in a geometric shape. A quiet surface which could easily match our couch, was visually appealing and envoke the feeling of tranquility.

The fabrics should be organic of course and able to ensure high levels of everyday use. I settled for cotton canvas in a high quality. By choosing a fabric which can be machine washed Tobine could scratch, roll around and even have treats on the duvet without the duvet becoming greasy.

The colors chosen are warm muted colors or cold colors turned pale to warm them up a bit.

All together the dog duvet became a timeless functional accessory which fit right into our couch, chair, car and even floor. Perfect aesthetically, but also making Tobine more comfortable particularly on hot summer days when she doesn’t want one of her many dog beds.

The dog duvet is also good to bring when we are out and about, allowing us to let Tobine lay comfortably in public spaces when Tobine is accompanying us to café visits or visits at friends and family.

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